Great copywriting hits like a train. Whether it's a word, a sentence, or a book, it compels engagement, connects audiences, and lingers long after content.

Great Content Produces Obvious Results

People recognize great content and copywriting as soon as they see or hear it. It’s the type of thing that captures an audience, and it doesn’t let go. Even after the words have gone, the message remains. There’s no substitute, and like art, it’s as individual and unique as the writers producing it.

I invite you read my views on content, writing, and copywriting. The article should provide a clear understanding of what you’re investing in when you hire a copywriter, and what you should expect him or her to produce.

More importantly, it should help you decide whether you need copywriting. In some cases, a less specialized form of content writing may suit your purposes, which is why I offer several different options.

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Copywriting and Marketing from $0.20 per word

Copywriting is about the meaning of the words, and the message they convey, rather than their quantity or length. It’s the difference between simply entertaining, and actually engaging. If you’re interested in content that produces measurable results, and you’re more concerned with the message than the number of words in that message, then you need copywriting.

Article and Research Writing from $0.10 per word

Quality writing that requires research, and is targeted towards a more discerning audience. This is what most people want when they’re looking for articles, link building, or want to enhance their blog or web presence. It’s a great follow up to copywriting campaigns, and a useful tool to help establish brand identity.

Simple Blog and Web Content from $0.05 per word

Well written and interesting content that isn’t life changing. Simple blog posts, opinion posts, and anything else average that doesn’t require links or research falls under this category. If you’re looking to start conversations, add to them, or just fill out space, you want this type of content.

What are you waiting for?

When you’re ready to get started, simply make the required $75 deposit with the payment processor of your choice. On payment you’ll receive an automated message with my details, and I’ll contact you the same day, or within one business day if it’s a weekend or holiday. Your deposit will be applied to the first invoice.

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Thank you for your interest in my writing services.

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I am an artist, painting words on the canvas of my life. What you take away from this is as much about you as it is me. If you'd like to learn more, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, or . To hire me, visit my copywriting page.