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Answers to questions from clients, customers, and readers. Without your continued support and patronage, none of this would have been possible. Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

I real life, I might not have all the answers, but in this section, I do. It’s a list of answers to questions that clients, customers, and readers have asked. I would like to thank you all for asking these questions, in particular those of you who provided constructive criticism and feedback that resulted in improvements to this site, or to my craft as a writer. Thank you all.

For the most part, these questions are answered according to how often I’ve been asked them, or in some cases, the intensity with which a user expressed his or her opinions. That means that this list of answers will change over time, and it will also grow.

That said, if I’ve left something out that you’d like answered, please leave a note in the comments section, or send me a message through social media. I’ll make sure to answer you or update this page as soon as I have the time.

Why doesn’t your website have a contact form?

My website does not have a contact form because I receive a tremendous amount of email. If I responded to it all, I would never manage to write a word other than email responses. That has forced me to to prioritize what I respond to. Eliminating the contact form has significantly reduced the amount of questionable email I receive, while increasing the amount of social media visits and meaningful feedback from clients, customers, and interested readers.

I’ve found that anyone who really wants to reach out will use the comments section of the page they’re on, or will send a message through social media. Clients and customers are another matter, and are discussed in the next section.

Why do you you require a deposit before starting work?

Writing is about building relationships, but those relationships take time and resources to develop. I continually invested time and resources in building this website, hosting it, and crafting the articles contained here and elsewhere. I like to attract clients who put that same level of care and attention into their own work.

Requesting an advance deposit immediately eliminates anyone who isn’t serious about their work or my work. More importantly, it simplifies my email and lets me prioritize clients. That’s because every time I receive a payment, I also receive a notification from the payment processor. By prioritizing those messages and email from existing clients, I’m able to streamline my workflow, allowing me to provide great writing at reasonable rates.

The same holds true for my books. Anyone who purchases a book from me also receives my contact details. Of course, you can get a book for less on Amazon, but there’s no fun in that!

Why don’t you put advertising on your website?

My business is writing. Specifically, selling books and providing copywriting services. Selling advertisements is a betrayal of the trust my clients and readers place in me. They come to this site to learn about me or my writing, not to see ads.

How would you feel if you went backstage to see your favorite musician, and they tried to sell you a blender? As a writer, I’m going to sell books. You might never buy one, but hopefully if you’re here it’s because we’ve connected on some level, and that’s all any artist has a right to expect. Connecting with their audience.

So, connect with the writing, leave comments, and engage me. I left the advertisements and attitudes at the door. This site is all about writing, and ultimately, what you take away from it is all about you.

Why Bitcoins, I thought that was a scam?

That is a complex topic. In the most basic terms, traditional currencies are ancient history. As of 2014 our banking systems rely on technology that hasn’t really been updated in about 50 years, and it costs upwards of $25 for almost any kind of currency transfer. It’s by no means perfect, but it’s light years ahead. Just like switching from gold coins to paper money took some getting used to, switching to digital currencies will also take some getting used to.

If you’d like answers about something, please leave a note in the comments section, and I’ll make sure to answer you as I have the time. Thank you.

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