Book One: The Knight in the Panther Skin

A Book by H. J. Buell – October, 2021

Avtandil’s Quest is the first of three books retelling the Knight in the Panther Skin, a legendary epic set in an age lost to time and history. In this novel, a man must battle himself and the world to overcome impossible odds and win the heart of his beloved. This story of love, friendship, and duty binds men and women together across race and gender.

The original poem is from the 12th century and composed by Shota Rustaveli during Tamar Mepe’s rule. She was King of medieval Georgia in its golden age, and according to legend, he wrote it for her. While the original can’t be justly measured against anything else, it does share similarities with other classic tales. Those who enjoyed the Epic of Gilgamesh or Dante and Homer’s love, tragedy, and symbolism will enjoy reading this tale.

This publication marks the first time the poem has ever been told as an English novel. We hope you enjoy our book and will share it with those you love, as is the tradition here in Georgia. Additionally, special care has been taken to ensure people who have English as a second language can easily read and enjoy the story.


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