Avtandil’s Quest

The Knight in the Panther Skin, Book One

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The Knight in the Panther Skin

Part One of an English Book Trilogy Accurately Retelling Shota Rustaveli’s 12th Century Epic.

Storms gather on the far reaches of the Arabian frontier. The King grows old, and the throne lacks an heir. To avert disaster, he appoints his only daughter as regent. But just days after her coronation, a Black Knight appears from the edges of the realm.

He wears the skin of a panther and rides a midnight steed. When the King and his foster son Avtandil give challenge, the stranger butchers countless soldiers and vanishes before their eyes. Despite searching the empire, no one can find a trace of him or where he went. It’s as if the man never existed.

Avtandil must risk all he has ever loved to learn the secret of the Knight in the Panther Skin. Alone and lost to himself, he must undertake a perilous journey to lands no Arabian has ever seen. His path will take him to the world’s edge, but he must overcome himself to succeed.

Failure will bring all he has ever loved to ruin. His home will become a wasteland of the hopes and dreams he once had. But if he finds what he seeks, he will return home to the heart of his beloved. There’s just one problem. No one knows how to find the Black Knight, or if he is even human…

Written by H. J. Buell

H. J. Buell is a world traveled author who writes across a broad range of topics. To learn more about his public writing, visit Amazon. For business inquiries, use the contact form on this site.