My Books

My published works are listed here, and available for purchase through Amazon, or by contacting me directly.

A List of My Books

Below you’ll find a list of my published works and whatever I am currently writing. I’ve included links to Amazon if you’d like to purchase one of my books. However, these links may not work for you if you’re outside of the US. In this case, please visit the Amazon website for your country and then search for the book you’d like to buy. You can also visit my Amazon author page.

Avtandil’s Quest: Book One of the Knight in the Panther Skin Trilogy
Available for purchase through Amazon.
Storms gather on the far reaches of the Arabian frontier. The King grows old, and the throne needs an heir. To avert disaster, he appoints his only daughter as regent, but just days after her coronation, a Black Knight appears from the edges of the realm.

The Road to Gulansharo: Book Two of the Knight in the Panther Skin Trilogy
Available for purchase through Amazon.
The days grow long, and trouble stirs on the borders of Arabia. Avtandil has been away for almost three years. In the absence of the Knight, the enemies of the Kingdom have grown strong. Yet there has been no sign of him, and no one knows where he is.

A Rule of Three: Book Three of the Knight in the Panther Skin Trilogy (Work in Progress)
Available for purchase in March 2023 (link coming soon).
The throne of India is broken, while Tinatin sits alone in Arabia. On the other side of the world, Kadjeti castle lies empty. The King has disappeared, and trouble brews in the cauldron of the witch Queen. She would have a bride to wed her son, but there are none who have the power to stand in her way.

If You’d Like Me to Write Your Book

Please visit my work page if you’re interested in my services as a ghostwriter or a professional writer. I’m happy to work with new clients, provided I have availability. But I am selective in who I work with, just as you should be selective in who you hire to write. As ever, thank you for your interest, and I hope you’ll enjoy my writing!

My job is to keep the writing informative and entertaining, including affiliate links to books and movies I like. I hope you’ll enjoy my selections as much as I did and consider using the links provided here.