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The Knight in the Panther Skin, Book Three

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The Knight in the Panther Skin

Part One of an English Book Trilogy Accurately Retelling Shota Rustaveli’s 12th Century Epic.

Tinatin has heard nothing from Avtandil for more than a year. Meanwhile, the throne of India lies in ruins, and the Seven Kingdoms are at war. In Kadjeti, trouble brews in the cauldron of the Witch Queen. She seeks a bride for the Prince, and none can stop her.

Nestan is her prisoner, trapped in a tower higher than the clouds. It’s only a matter of time before the hope she clings to breaks against the harsh reality of her captivity. Then, like a star fallen from Heaven, she will be consumed by the dark magics of her Kadj captors.

Those who might stand a chance at saving her are scattered to the four winds. Tariel sits broken and bruised in the caves of the Devi, lost even to himself. Phridon is occupied with unrest on the frontiers of his Kingdom, and Avtandil has disappeared into the sea.

Even if the three manage to join forces again, no one has weapons capable of waging war against the Kadj empire. Countless soldiers man the walls of their fortress, and foul sorcery flashes across the skies like lightning. Yet, a flicker of hope stirs with each new dawn, for the lights of Heaven still shine…

Written by H. J. Buell

H. J. Buell is a world traveled author who writes across a broad range of topics. To learn more about his public writing, visit Amazon. For business inquiries, use the contact form on this site.