The Road to Gulansharo

The Knight in the Panther Skin, Book Two

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The Knight in the Panthers Skin

Part One of an English Book Trilogy Accurately Retelling Shota Rustaveli’s 12th Century Epic.

Avtandil has been gone for three years, and those in Arabia who know his secret fear the worst. But the young Knight is not lost. Not yet. He rides home, hope flying from his heart like a banner. Little does he know how difficult the road will be.

Only Tinatin knows the truth of his secret burdens, but she cannot help. Worse, the answers his vows compel him to seek may destroy her. No matter which path he chooses, it will lead him farther from home and make her a stranger to him.

He must continue his journey into the unknown. Once more, his steps will carry him into wild and unknown lands. His only companion will be a worn but faithful steed. Together they must cross unfamiliar lands and risk being attacked by bandits and brigands.

Though he does not know how to find what he seeks, he has no choice but to continue. If he survives, the fabled white gates of Gulansharo will be his reward. There, he may seek the counsel of sages and perhaps learn answers. That is, if he’s willing to pay the price…

Written by H. J. Buell

H. J. Buell is a world traveled author who writes across a broad range of topics. To learn more about his public writing, visit Amazon. For business inquiries, use the contact form on this site.