The BLUETTI CPAP Battery Backup X60

A Lifeline for Sleep Apnea Patients

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Trouble Sleeping?

Sleep apnea affects millions of people. It is a common condition that causes interruptions in breathing during sleep. Many patients with this condition use Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines. These devices effectively treat this condition by providing a steady flow of air, ensuring airways remain open. However, a significant concern with these devices is their reliance on a constant power supply, especially for those who love to travel or live in areas prone to power outages.

While the difficulties of living with sleep apnea can be challenging, managing it shouldn’t be. The BLUETTI CPAP Battery Backup X60 is a game-changer for those who rely on CPAP machines for a restful night’s sleep. This powerful 614Wh power bank is designed to keep CPAP machines running smoothly, no matter where patients are or what situations they might face.

What is the BLUETTI X60?

The BLUETTI CPAP Battery Backup X60 is a 614Wh power bank designed to provide an uninterrupted power supply for CPAP machines. Due to its state-of-the-art high-capacity battery, the X60 ensures CPAP devices will remain operational all night without the need for a traditional power source.

Features That Set the X60 Apart

  • 5 DC Outputs: The BLUETTI X60 has 3 DC output ports specifically designed to support CPAP machines (12V/5A, 16V/4A, 24V/4A). It also includes 1 built-in USB-A port (5V/3A) and 1 USB-C port (100W) for charging a wide range of external devices.
  • Comprehensive Cables: Every BLUETTI x60 includes a connector for the AirSense/AirCurve 10, which covers 90% of mainstream CPAP machines without requiring additional purchases. The system also comes with 7 DC power cables, allowing for a range of charging options right out of the box.
  • Two Charging Options: The X60 can be easily charged with the included car charging cable or included AC adapter and regains its full charge within 6 hours by car, or 4 hours on an AC charge.
  • Portability: The device is compact and has a built-in handle, making it easy to carry at home, on the road, or when hiking through the great outdoors.

What’s In The Box?

Inside, you’ll find everything shown in the images above. But, to be more specific, each box contains 1 BLUETTI X60, 1 AC adapter, 1 car charger cable, 7 DC power cables, 1 connector for the AirSense/AirCurve 10, 1 accessory bag, 1 user manual, a 12-month warranty, and friendly customer service. It also includes peace of mind, but that’s not something easily packaged – unless you’re carrying an X60.

Why Are These Features Important?

A CPAP machine is more than just a device for individuals with sleep apnea. It’s necessary to get a good night’s sleep and maintain overall health. With the BLUETTI X60, users will have peace of mind, knowing the machine will continue functioning in various environments. Users have reported the device being a lifesaver in power outages, long flights, and camping trips.

The CPAP Battery Backup X60’s proven reliability in a range of challenging environments has established it as a lifesaver in various real-world scenarios for those who live with sleep apnea

How the X60 Benefits People Who Need a CPAP Machine

The X60 is versatile and compatible with a wide range of CPAP machines, including popular models like the AirSense 10, AirSense 11, AirMini, AirCurve 10, S9, DreamStation, and System One Z1 Mini. It includes several DC output ports, all tailored to support a wide range of CPAP devices. With USB-A and USB-C ports, it also supports charging external devices, such as mobile phones.

The batteries are integrated with a Battery Management System (BMS), which regulates the industry-leading built-in LifePO batteries. This system safeguards against risks of power interruption and allows the BLUETTI X60 to provide more than 2,000 charge cycles. With a six-hour recharge time through a car charging cable or four hours for an AC adapter, there is no better accessory for reliable CPAP power on the go, camping, or traveling abroad. In fact, the BLUETTI CPAP Battery Backup X60 has proven to be a lifesaver in various real-world scenarios.

Real-World Examples of the X60 in Action

The following examples highlight the X60’s role as a backup battery and a critical support system for individuals who are dependent on CPAP machines for healthy, uninterrupted sleep. Its proven reliability in a range of challenging environments underscores the importance of the X60 to those who live with sleep apnea.

  • Camping Trips: For outdoor enthusiasts with sleep apnea, camping often means worrying about how to power their CPAP machines. The X60 has been a game-changer, allowing users to enjoy the great outdoors without compromising their sleep therapy. Because it can deliver multiple nights of power to a CPAP machine on a single charge, campers can maintain their health routines, even when far from traditional power sources.
  • Emergency Power Outages: In areas where power outages are common due to extreme weather, the X60 has provided a sense of security for CPAP users. One user expressed relief during winter weather-induced blackouts, as the X60 offered backup security, ensuring their CPAP machine remained operational throughout the night. Not only does this provide peace of mind, but it also ensures real-world safety.


The BLUETTI CPAP Battery Backup X60 is more than just a power bank; it’s a lifeline for those dependent on CPAP therapy. Its portability, capacity, and compatibility make it an essential tool for ensuring that sleep apnea patients can lead active, worry-free lives without compromising their health. With the X60, sleep apnea patients can embrace life’s adventures without hesitation, knowing that their CPAP therapy won’t be interrupted, whether for camping, travel, or emergency preparedness.

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